Increasing Success in Direct Sales

In the first installment of "Learn from your peers" our guest Mary Kaufmann shares how an effective learning strategy can help Direct Sales organizations with increased sales and success.    Thirty Billion Dollars. According to some estimates that’s the size, in just a year, of the market in the direct sales industry. If you are … Continue reading Increasing Success in Direct Sales


Just Enough Learning

Information Employees Need BEFORE They Know They Need it It feels like each year has seen the release of a new technology innovation that promotes itself as THE way to improve a company's Human Capital Management system or Learning Management System (LMS). The question is - what works? Where do you spend your time and … Continue reading Just Enough Learning

Increase Engagement In 3 Simple Steps

Your organization has spent a good deal of time and money in creating an employee training and development program. Maybe you even set up a fancy brand name LMS. On paper everything looks great right? In reality - no one wants to participate. It’s not that employees don’t want training, it’s that they want it … Continue reading Increase Engagement In 3 Simple Steps