Onboarding Independent Contractors

In today’s business landscape, organizations increasingly rely on the expertise and ready availability of independent contractors to get work done. From the need for specialized skills to the high cost of benefits, there are many reasons for hiring contractors. However, one thing that’s true of every contract engagement is the need for strong, smart onboarding. … Continue reading Onboarding Independent Contractors


Make an Employee’s First Week Memorable

A New Employee’s First Week Should Last For Years The decision to make a new hire is big. You’re affecting the life of a person and, in a way, the livelihood of the company. When you finally make that decision and bring someone in, what’s that first day experience like? How about the first week? … Continue reading Make an Employee’s First Week Memorable

Case Study: Onboarding Done Right

Guest post from Scott Razek, CMO and Brand Champion of Pillar Technology Ok, first off, a little about myself.  I had spent the last 14 years of my life in various roles of a multi-national Fortune 500 Retailer.  I’d spent time in several of the divisions at various roles of increasing responsibility and scope.  At … Continue reading Case Study: Onboarding Done Right