Just For Me Learning

Adapting the Learning Styles of the “Real World” to the Workplace.

Learning in a corporate environment can take many forms. Is the most effective learning process Just For Me?

In earlier posts we’ve looked at Just in Time and Just Enough learning. Just For Me personalizes learning opportunities. Personalization in learning relates not just to information but also to the way that information can be accessed.

We established in Just in Time the importance of accessing information at convenient times and with just the right amount of learning. Just For Me builds on these concepts. Personalized learning is not a new technique but, when combined with the other two, it can create a holistic learning experience.

Every employee should have the opportunity to personalize their learning…Learning tends to be deeper when people are interested in the subject matter, and even more so when it relates directly to their work. Most importantly, learning is most effective when it is accessed at a convenient time, and in a convenient place.Steven Wheeler, Associate Professor in Learning Technology

Just for Me Learning: Learning “just for me” includes content, time, mode, space, purpose, and incentives, that is, individualization at all levels of the individual’s’ terms and conditions.” –  Jared Keengwe and Grace Onchwari

The first step to personalization is to understand how an employee interacts with your learning platform, all their searches, views, likes, and comments. If your learning system were able to track all of these interactions, you could begin to not just react to a request but to proactively make information recommendations.


You could bring the knowledge your employees need to them, where and when they need it. Not only that but it would be current and relevant. Even searchable by keywords.

This type of learning system could be used for agile teams and individual employees for general knowledge, task specific procedures, customer service, compliance, respectful workplace initiatives, and countless other applications. It can also increase engagement, retention, rewards and recognition, and performance which all lead to an improved bottom line.

Just in Time. Just Enough. Just for Me.

Let’s look at an example where this all ties together. This example shows not only how combined learning processes can create a better customer experience, it also shows how an adaptive approach can make learning more accessible to employees. Particularly when each person learns in an individually unique way.

Jim is a call center representative supporting customers through chat. Typically he can handle 2-3 conversations at the same time. The bulk of his time is not spent in customer interactions, but in searching and looking up information.

What if we could flip that and give Jim more time with the customer and less time rummaging for answers?

Just In Time
Using Just in Time learning we can read the question asked by the customer and search the knowledge-base of the company to come up with possible responses.

Just Enough
Using the Just Enough technique we will make sure we show just the right amount of content.

Just For Me
Just for Me personalizes the content we think is more useful for Jim based on his past experience and interactions with the system.

This type of learning system is no longer just a concept, at StepItUp we’ve created an intelligent learning assistant that will bring important, internal content to your employees in a way that mirrors how they acquire information in the “real world.” In doing so we are enabling an employee to be a stronger, more confident, and productive team member. With the information they need to do their jobs more effectively so close at hand, employees can focus less on hunting for answers and more time acting on them.

There are better, more efficient ways to connect your employees with the knowledge they seek.

Let’s talk. hello@getstepitup.com


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