Just Enough Learning

Information Employees Need BEFORE They Know They Need it

It feels like each year has seen the release of a new technology innovation that promotes itself as THE way to improve a company’s Human Capital Management system or Learning Management System (LMS).

The question is – what works? Where do you spend your time and money to ensure you have a long term solution, as opposed to the short term flavor of the day. How do you know if you are investing in the right things?

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The current sink or swim approach to learning and onboarding is not effective. A typical user forgets 70% of training content in the first 48 hours. Then when the time comes to realize the value of the training, most of the knowledge is lost or forgotten.
This has nothing to do with the classroom or online training, or training materials. It is the way our brain works. So how do we do it better?

Progressive organizations succeed with active learning moments

Learning is more event driven than we think and it needs to be part of the daily workflow. We all have same goal, we want our employees to perform, grow and be happy at work. But we need to figure out a way to deliver learning when and where they need it. These systems are called performance support solutions.



There may be an LMS, Sharepoint or similar system that houses answers to questions on the tasks we perform. What if that system tied into a just in time learning platform to provide us information and answers before we even had the questions? What if it provided a more timely, active, and just in time learning opportunity?

For example:

  • Work Fact: the average employee spends 30% of their work day writing/responding to emails. What if during the normal course of reading emails, information was popping up on the right side of our screen with relevant INTERNAL information based on the email content?  
  • What if when you Google something at work, INTERNAL resources show up to provide task-specific answers to your Google questions?
  • What if learning is embedded within salesforce, inContact or Zendesk?
  • What if, when having a conversation on Slack, an intelligent platform recognized keywords and suggested relevant content?  
  • What if you could flag certain words pertaining to compliance, benefits, a respectful workplace, diversity, and inclusion so that they were highlighted as you typed them?  
  • What if you could hover over those highlighted words and be prompted to go to an internal learning resource, preventing unfortunate situations or consuming the time of your HR Department?

It doesn’t have to be a “What if…” question anymore

Here’s the thing, this technology exists.  

It can augment your LMS, replace your onboarding and performance technology, help sales staff share their best pitch, share information about new products and services, and capture information from independent contractors. It can help your teams be more agile.

You might be thinking that employees have the tools and information that they need but what do employees think? Too often we give them a systems that is impractical for the job at hand.

Employees want answers just in time, with just enough detail, personalized, and delivered in a way that  looks and feels like the tools and social media they use as part of their “regular life”

StepItUp can provide all this and more with the most relevant new technology to hit the human capital market in the last year. Start the conversation and see how we can help your employees work smarter.

Let’s talk. hello@getstepitup.com


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