Increase Engagement In 3 Simple Steps

Your organization has spent a good deal of time and money in creating an employee training and development program. Maybe you even set up a fancy brand name LMS. On paper everything looks great right?

In reality – no one wants to participate.

It’s not that employees don’t want training, it’s that they want it to be specifically relevant to what they do on a daily basis. They want information to be dynamic, specific, engaging, collaborative.


There are three simple changes you can make to your learning/onboarding/instructional content to address these desires and see an increase in employee engagement:

  • Show It: Treat your learning platform just like you are trying to sell a product by utilizing imagery. A high-quality image immediately engages users. To get images that are unique and brand-specific, consider spending a little on a photographer.

    A word of caution, this isn’t the time to explore your artistic or clever side, an image needs to make it clear what information you are trying to convey.

  • Let Your Users Be The Star: Show the content or process being used by one of your employees, preferably from someone who is recognized with a job that is relevant to the topic being discussed.Featuring an employee adds a particular relevance. People like to follow first adopters so choose someone who is well connected and has some influence in the company but is outside the C-Suite. This removes pressure users could feel to do something “because the boss is.”Ask employees to send you videos/photos of them showcasing what they learned. (With material reviews, you can ensure that all of the items uploaded are workplace-appropriate.)As part of the presentation, solicit feedback. People don’t want to be “lectured to,” they want to participate in a conversation. It can be anything from feedback akin to Facebook and Instagram “likes,” to a more crowdsourced, social learning experience.
  • Showcase the Features: Do your employees truly understand how to create the best learning experience from an LMS and the content it holds for them? Show off the features of your learning/training/onboarding. Let employees understand how it works and, perhaps more importantly, why they need to participate. What’s the benefit to them?

    Make it look and feel like t he information sources that they use outside of work.

Now, you may not see an increase in engagement overnight, but keep at it. A change will come if you give employees the information they need, when they need it, and how they want it.

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