A Simple Strategy to Improve Employee Training and Retention

Regardless of your industry, you (should) have some type of employee training tied into an LMS. But almost no one wants to use it, do they?

To increase engagement in your employee training program, you’ve got to reconsider your training strategy. When you do, you’ll see greater employee productivity, higher employee retention, and more engaged employees.

To start, ask yourself a question – What does success look like for your employees?


You can’t have many employees who say “I want to go to work to learn!” More realistically they walk in the door to (hopefully) do something they enjoy while building a successful career.

It’s a classic “win-win,” their success ultimately helps the company. So how do we help an employee achieve that success? We provide training in a rigid, structured, unforgiving format. We train them when it’s best for the company, not the employee.

Research has shown that this is…ineffective at best.1 Employees want training, but alongside their relevant daily tasks, not before work or after work.

In short, they want the information they need, when, and where they need it. 

“Google, how do you….”

When you need to know something, you Google it right? You get the information you need when it’s most relevant to you, when it can help you the most.

Google. Siri. Alexa. This type of problem solving has become second nature. Why not take that behavior and translate it to workplace training and development?

Just enough. Just-in-time. Just for me.

We think that these three phrases sum up what employees want from their training. Employee training needs to happen quickly and constantly. It’s a fast moving world, your policies and processes adapt to the changing pace of the workplace, shouldn’t your training be agile too?

Hour long training courses are obsolete. Employees expect information in bite-sized nuggets, searchable, and context specific.

“…(the) world is moving from a top-down hierarchical model to one of a ‘network of teams’ in which people iterate and solve problems in a dynamic, agile way.”2

– Josh Bersin, HR Strategist

“Check out this amazing thing I just saw….”

What your web developer wants from your app development team is quite different from what a marketing team member needs to know about logo usage. How does someone removed from the day to day work, create training around needs that specific?

You don’t.

The people actually doing the work have a much better understanding of what teams need to know. They are, after all, the ones closest to the issues at hand, so it makes sense that they should be the ones that generate training content.

We should empower them with tools to succeed. Tools like an agile LMS platform where content can be quickly and easily added, shared, and discussed.

This type of learning is already happening in many forms already, inside and outside of a corporate structure. It’s no longer a matter of if you will adopt, but what your adoption looks like.3

Our mission at StepItUp is to help your organization innovate, disrupt, and succeed. We want your employees to have the information they need, when they need it, in an intuitive platform that looks and feels like technologies they use outside of work. We invite you to learn more about our mission and platform at hello@getstepitup.com 

1 http://www.yourtrainingedge.com/is-the-training-youre-providing-the-training-your-employees-want/

2 https://www.eremedia.com/tlnt/10-issues-hr-will-be-facing-this-year/

3 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/millennials-dont-want-fun-you-lead-better-mark-c-crowley


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