Everyone wants to improve employee engagement – how do we get there?

Active, engaged employees are happier and more productive. If you manage employees, you strive to avoid complacency! For this reason, C-Suite executives in every organization look every year for ways to increase employee engagement. While the task seems daunting, once you understand how to drive and measure engagement, you can create positive change to improve both employee morale and the company’s bottom line.

Infrastructure and Culture

You begin to enhance employee engagement through your company culture. Your team must believe that you care about their wellbeing and success. With a Millennial workforce, the notion of separating work from life has become anachronistic. Work-life balance no longer means carving out time at work and time at home, but rather acknowledging life responsibilities during traditional work hours and creating the ability to work outside of those hours as well.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-1-03-26-pmSource: http://cwfl.usc.edu/assets/pdf/Employee%20engagement.pdf

Beyond this, your team members will thrive when they receive recognition for their efforts and rewards for achievements. This does not mean a “participation trophy” culture should pervade. Rather, your employees engage more when they feel appreciated. Individual and team recognition can go a long way toward improving engagement levels.

Growth and Development

Employees also don’t want to feel stuck. People today no longer count on a forever-job throughout their career. To keep them from worrying or getting bored, you need to create growth avenues. This includes a career trajectory they can identify and follow, and opportunities to learn and grow through education on the job.

StepItUp is an eLearning platform with which you can foster a vital growth culture for your employees. The platform is relatable for your employees, like an internal YouTube learning tool. It allows you to track progress and employee engagement through learning modules so you can recognize educational growth. It is searchable and contains cloud-based access for employees to learn at any time.

The StepItUp tool lets you onboard new employees and increases engagement with less financial and management time investment than any other engagement utility. To learn more, contact StepItUp today, signup@getstepitup.com.


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