Improve the ROI of your Learning Content

How much does it cost to build a training course? What is the one area you wish your team was better at? How can they improve and get to that perfect spot? Training, right? Traditionally you would consider creating a training course. While it is a solution, is it the right one? Don’t you need … Continue reading Improve the ROI of your Learning Content


Increasing Success in Direct Sales

In the first installment of "Learn from your peers" our guest Mary Kaufmann shares how an effective learning strategy can help Direct Sales organizations with increased sales and success.    Thirty Billion Dollars. According to some estimates that’s the size, in just a year, of the market in the direct sales industry. If you are … Continue reading Increasing Success in Direct Sales

Just For Me Learning

Adapting the Learning Styles of the “Real World” to the Workplace. Learning in a corporate environment can take many forms. Is the most effective learning process Just For Me? In earlier posts we’ve looked at Just in Time and Just Enough learning. Just For Me personalizes learning opportunities. Personalization in learning relates not just to … Continue reading Just For Me Learning

The Future of Learning Measurement

Human Capital, Defined In the business world, human capital is the economic value of an employee’s set of skills. For policy makers, human capital is the capacity of the population to drive economic growth. Until recently, human capital has been viewed as a function of education as well as experience—which includes both training and learning … Continue reading The Future of Learning Measurement

Let’s Get Agile: Learning at the Speed of Work Today

How Software Development Started It All Today, the workforce needs tools for speed, adaptability and flexibility. In the recent past, a system of widely published, highly successful innovations in software development work style have helped guide related industries’ approaches to project management and other fields. This movement, known as Agile, was first described in 2001 … Continue reading Let’s Get Agile: Learning at the Speed of Work Today